Which Meat Free Week are you after ?

In the coming years, we hope to bring Meat Free Week to more countries. By supporting either Australia or the UK, you’re helping us along that journey

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Almost 92% of Australians are not eating enough vegetables. What's on your plate?
Too much processed meat increases the risk of bowel cancer - Australia's 2nd biggest cancer killer. Are you at risk?
90% of bacon, ham and pork we eat has come from factory farms. Will you choose free range?
“By participating in Meat free week you can do your bit to bring about some positive change.” Simon Bryant
Australian's eat almost three times meat as the world average and double recommended dietary guidelines. How much are you eating?
Nearly all of the world's fishing zones have exceeded their natural limits because of overfishing. Yet, one third of all fish caught is fed directly to livestock. Does that make sense to you?
Australian's eat over half a billion chickens a year. Most are factory farmed. Where does yours come from?
Why is Meat Free Week only one week? Because we didn't think you'd make it through a month!
More Australians are supporting sustainable and ethical farming practices. Are you one of them?
The U.N. has identified the livestock industry as one of the most significant contributors to today's most serious environmental problems.
Did you know 70% of smallgoods (ham, salami, pepperoni etc) sold in Australia are made with imported pork, increasing your risk of antibiotic resistance.
At a time when some 800 million people suffer from malnutrition, one third of the world's harvest is fed to farm animals. Enough to feed almost three billion people.
Leading world scientists warn of water shortages for food production by 2050. It takes 3,900 litres to produce 1kg of chicken and just 1,300 litres of water to produce 1kg of wheat.


"We’re a meat-loving nation, but at what cost? Our huge appetite for meat (at a cheap price) has fuelled intensive production and as a consequence, our health, the welfare of animals - particularly pigs and poultry - and our environment haven’t fared well. Meat Free Week gives us the opportunity to think about how much we consume and explore new ways of eating that are healthier for us, fair for animals and better for the planet."

Sustainable Table

Sustainable Table is a young and innovative not-for-profit organisation that empowers Australians to use their shopping dollar to vote for a food system that is fair, humane, healthy and good for the environment. Globally, the organisation supports projects in developing communities that help to restore the natural environment and improve food security. Visit www.sustainabletable.org.au for more information and tips on sustainable eating and follow Sustainable Table on www.Facebook.com/thesustainabletable and www.Twitter.com/SustainTable.

“As a long time vegan I know first hand the health and environmental benefits of eliminating animal products from my diet but the most important thing for me is to not be responsible for animal suffering and that is why I am vegan. The most common objection I hear is “I wouldn’t know what to eat”, Meat Free Week is a great way for people to try out meat-free meals and discover how varied and tasty they are. If everyone who participates reduces their meat consumption as a result then we’ll be one step closer to a compassionate world.”

Jessica Bailey

Owner of all-vegan grocery store, The Cruelty Free Shop (Sydney, Melbourne & Online), Jessica has been involved in animal rights advocacy for over 15 years. She founded the annual Sydney Cruelty Free Festival and the Sydney & Melbourne Vegan Day Out events and was a board member of Animal Liberation. Jessica spends a lot of her time sourcing new vegan foods, meals and products for her shops with the goal of making it easier for people to move to a ethical lifestyle.

"It's great to shake things up once in a while and Meat Free Week is a fantastic opportunity to try something different and incorporate more plant-based meals into your lifestyle. Going Meat Free can benefit, you, the animals and our planet!"

Consume with Care

Consumewithcare.org is a not-for-profit website which aims to inform and educate the Australian public about how to shop and eat in a way that minimises animal suffering. It wants to empower people to vote with their wallets to create change in the way animals are treated, and provides recommendations on which products to buy and where to buy them- making shopping for higher animal welfare products both easy and accessible. If demand for higher animal welfare products increases, then less animals will have to suffer. Consume with Care strongly believes that together society can make a difference to the lives of millions of animals.



"Meat Free Week gives us the opportunity to reflect on all aspects of the food we eat. Through my extensive research and personal accounts from friends, family and followers of the blog it has become very apparent to me that the more veggies and whole foods we include in our diets the healthier, happier, more energized and beautiful we become. By creating fresh, luscious and flavour filled veggie packed meals you crowd out the animal products and instead get all your daily calories/energy from food that are full of life and nutrition."

Veggies & Me

Megan Young is a plant-powered food blogger, with her background as a professional photographer and blogger allowing her to combine a passion for photography with her passion for healthy plant-based food. Growing up in Tasmania, Australia surrounded by nature, Megan couldn’t help but have a well-developed appreciation for fresh, wholesome and local produce. Over the years, this love of fresh produce inspired her to study nutrition. After fours years in Dublin, Ireland Megan has returned to Sydney where she is working on her blog, Veggies & Me, recently launching a healthy stock photo agency called Veggie Stock and publishing her ebook Veggies & Me.


“We support Meat Free Week because its time we change the way we view our dinner plates as much for our health as that of the planet. As a society we have seen over consumption become the norm and this should be of a great concern to all of us. The impact of this has resulted in inhumane factory farming practices that affect the welfare of our land animals & ocean species.

There is not better time than now to change the way you eat, the way you shop and the way you think. Support local farming practices by shopping at your local farmers market, connect with the farmer and enjoy local seasonal fare like we do. It’s time to think differently”.

Tarian Pantry

Tarian Pantry is an up-to-the-minute foodie destination that’s powered by plants. It is about helping people discover a deceptively simple diet and lifestyle that makes one’s eyes shine brighter, skin glow and body feel its best- all in an environmentally-friendly way. Amanda and the Tarian Tribe are dedicated to serving up facts on adding more green goodness to people’s life, while also offering pantry storage tips, wholefood market guides, foodie shopping advice, recipes and products for purchase to become a ‘Tarian Masterchef’. Visit www.tarianpantry.com.au and follow Tarian Pantry on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @tarianpantry.


"I support Meat Free Week because our increasing appetite for meat has had a huge impact on our lands, our oceans, our health, and animal welfare. We need to educate ourselves, be aware of the issues caused by intensive factory farming, and look for ways to create a sustainable future for our planet. If you do choose to eat meat, choose sustainable, ethical, free range producers, and make a commitment to reduce your meat consumption. Get creative in the kitchen – buy fresh, local, seasonal produce and discover that you can create delicious, varied, nutritious meals without meat."

Cats Love Cooking

A Sydney food blogger and animal lover, Chanel is passionate about food, cooking and animal welfare. After participating in Meat Free Week 2013, Chanel made the decision to become vegetarian, as she realised that forgoing meat as a food-lover wasn't as difficult as she'd anticipated. Chanel is proud to be a supporter of Meat Free Week, and to build awareness of the issues caused by factory farming.

“We support Meat Free Week because we believe in the incredible power of people to make a difference. One person eating just one less 150g serve of red meat a week for 12 months can save significant carbon pollution (our estimate is about 195kg) and approximately 10,000 litres of water over a year as well. Imagine the difference we could make if 1 Million of us reduced our meat consumption!”

1 Million Women

1 Million Women is a non-government, non-profit organisation that exists to engage women to take practical action on climate change through the way we live, our every day purchasing choices and where we invest our money

"From a young age we learn to disassociate ourselves with the food - and animals - we eat. The factory farming industry can be a cruel and shocking one that sadly, many of us ignore. If we all introduced a few simple and tasty meat-free meals into our weekly diet, we could cut back the demand for factory farmed meat, reduce our ecological footprint, save the lives of animals AND feel healthier and happier for it."


vegeTARAian is a food and travel blog dedicated to sharing the delicious side of veg life while busting myths about vegetarianism being boring or difficult.

Tara Mathews is a food and travel writer, friend of animals and editor of Sydney food and travel blog vegeTARAian. Tara is passionate about reconnecting with food to become more aware of what we eat, local and seasonal produce, reducing food waste, raising awareness about animal welfare and factory farming and the global reduction of meat consumption.

“Quorn is supporting Meat Free Week because, as a company, we’re fully behind the aim of the initiative and are keen to raise awareness of the sustainability benefits of plant based protein diets.

We are dedicated to encouraging people to reduce their meat intake, due to the huge impact it has on the world’s carbon emissions, land usage and water usage as well as the impact excessive meat consumption has on people’s diets. Meat Free Week is a great way to show people that you can make delicious meals without meat and benefit the environment.”


Quorn Foods is a global market leader in meat alternative foods. The company offers a wide range of meat-alternative products to appeal to the rapidly expanding group of people wanting to reduce their meat consumption. Quorn’s origins go back to the 1960s when the product was developed to address predicted issues associated with food sustainability. Lord Rank, Quorn’s founder, set up a project to find a new source of protein. Quorn is one of the UK’s top 50 food brands. Quorn’s core ingredient, Mycoprotein is a nutritionally Healthy Protein source that is exceptional at replicating the texture and taste of meat.

“Reducing meat consumption should not affect your iron levels. Replacing meat with iron rich foods such as legumes or green leafy vegetables will help ensure you maintain your iron levels and supplementing with Floradix Liquid Herbal Iron Extract may be the iron boost your body needs.”


In 1916 Dr. Otto Greither founded SALUS Haus and the ensuing success of that early enterprise, still carries on today reaching the far corners of the globe. In those early days, Dr. Otto Greither quickly developed a reputation for offering some of the finest natural health products on the market. The wisdom and love of being able to have a positive impact on people's health was later passed on to his son. In 1945, his son Otto Greither Jnr. took management of the company and still runs Salus Haus today. Through Otto Greither's hard work and dedication, Salus Haus now manufactures over 1,700 products and exports to 50 countries. More than 95 years after its founding, the Salus Group is one of the leading natural medicines manufacturers in the world.

In addition to the organic seal that guarantees the origin of ingredients from organic farming, the Salus plant stipulates the careful control of raw materials so that there are no contaminants such as heavy metals and pesticides in their own lab - which extends far beyond the legal requirements. The entire Floradix range available in Australia is TGA approved.

"Chomping Climate Change explains how the widely-agreed goal to stop climate change can be almost fully achieved by replacing 25% of today’s least eco-friendly food products with better alternatives – quickly and inexpensively."

Chomping Climate Change

Chomping Climate Change's assessment of climate risk and opportunity is unique in explaining that reducing atmospheric carbon by 2017 is paramount, and the only pragmatic way to do so is to replace at least 25% of today’s livestock products with better alternatives by 2017, and to reforest the land thereby freed up so it can draw down excess atmospheric carbon. The analysis has been published and widely cited worldwide, including by Nature, The New York Times and Bill Gates. It can be viewed at chompingclimatechange.org

"I now try to think more about where the food I eat comes from. It’s not always easy as we do the majority of our shopping at the supermarket where true free range produce isn’t always available. But, we do ALWAYS buy free range eggs and free range or barn raised meat wherever we can. We also eat A LOT less meat than we used to and I think this relives the burden on factory farming in my own small way. I believe that my purchasing habits send a message to the supermarkets that I don’t want to eat caged eggs or meat from animals raised in intensive systems. Through my shopping choices my voice and be heard!

I’m not a vegetarian, but I am a mindful eater and I do the best I can...it’s easier than you think!"

The Adventures of Miss Piggy

The Adventures of Miss Piggy is a blog written by Melanie that she launched in 2008. At first, the blog focused solely on restaurant reviews and later included posts about the edible plants grown on Melanie’s balcony. After watching the Four Corners documentary regarding the live export trade to Indonesia Melanie’s entire view of farming, eating and the world changed, and was a pivotal moment as a consumer. Until then, she had assumed that all meat, eggs and milk was produced in idyllic farming conditions with animals running around on lush pastures, living their most natural life. Melanie learnt that the reality was that many animals live in horrific conditions in small cages or pens, hardly able to move. They never see the light of day and live in fear and stress- and that is just the tip of the factory-farming iceberg. Visit www.theadventuresofmisspiggy.com.



“Many students normally survive on cup noodles from week to week. Most, however, would rather be more environmentally friendly when choosing their meals, particularly when it comes to choices that impact the animal world. Meat Free Week allows them to consider not only the price of their food, but the environmental cost.”

Student Edge

Student Edge is Australia’s largest member-based organisation of high school and tertiary students, with a vision for a world in which students are empowered and supported to make great life choices. The organisation believes in harnessing the power of its 700,000-member student community to give Australian youth an advantage. Student Edge strives to be economically, socially and environmentally responsible in its actions. Visit www.studentedge.com.au for more information and follow them on www.Facebook.com/StudentEdgeAU and www.Twitter.com/student_edge

"We encourage parents and kids to really think about the foods they chose to buy, cook with and eat with. As part of this, we suggest that eating less meat and meat of a greater quality is something worth considering. Overall a more varied diet is the way forward for a healthier, smarter and probably, cost effective life!"


Want to make the best food choices for your little ones but not sure where to start? cleanKIDS launced in 2014 by nutritionist and naturopath, Elise Catterall and gingerbreadPR director, Sally Souter. CleanKIDS is an online resource that cuts through the mumbo jumbo and takes the confusion out of healthy eating choices. With news and reviews, how to read a label, nutritional tips and and kid-tested delicious recipes, cleanKIDS is about understanding and meeting the nutritional needs of your children using simple, quality food they’ll love to eat! Visit cleanKIDS.com.au. It’s the perfect pit stop for busy parents with active kids and with new sections launching in April its worth keeping in constant contact

"Raising awareness about the impacts and ethics of eating meat helps for positive change to occur. Meat free week is about doing this by getting people to think about how much meat they consume, where it comes from, how animals are treated and the environmental impacts that meat create. In changing our consumption habits, we are placing ‘our vote’ about the type of meat industry we would like to create."


Ethical Consumers Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that makes it easier for society to make consumer choices that are better for people, the planet and animals. The organisation publishes Otter- a free fortnightly newsletter full of actionable tips and advice on ethical consumer choices. It consists of articles, interviews, information and interesting events around Australia, where subscribers receive the newsletter fortnightly in their inbox. To sign up visit www.otter.org.au. 



"We support Meat Free Week because it's an easy, inclusive way for people to see how great meat free eating can be! Not only is a plant-based diet now recognised as healthy in the Australian Dietary Guidelines, but medical research is constantly showing that being meat free can prevent and in some cases reverse serious health issues. But it's not only the health benefits amazing - you're also doing our planet and it's human and animal inhabitants a huge favour by abstaining from meat. Vegetarian and vegan food can be delicious - you can eat virtually any thing you eat now, even schnitzel and sausages!"

The Power Plant

The Power Plant is a modern guide to a cruelty-free life. Written by founders Vanja Stace and Jenna Brown, this Sydney based vegan cruelty free blog covers cruelty free nutrition, beauty, fitness and fashion. www.thepowerplant.com.au

"Be healthy, be aware, join the #nomeatforaweek pledge today for a better, animal cruelty free world."

No Meat for a Week

Since 2013 No meat for a week, a non-profit organization has had pledgers from all around the world participate in a monthly meatless journey to raise awareness on the health risks of overconsumption of meat and the maltreatment of animals. No matter our race, age, size, or religion, we can all come together and help make a difference. Every month for a week, join in with friends and family for a healthy, meatless challenge that will change the way you feel physically, and emotionally. One by one we can all make a difference, it all starts here. #nomeatforaweek. Join us on Twitter and Facebook today and make a difference! For more inquires, please contact us at [email protected]

Conscious Club

What began as an innocent idea between friends is fast growing into a movement that is taking off around the world. The Conscious Club was created by Tim Brown and Gary Gorrow in 2012 after they, and so many of their friends, had grown increasingly tired of going to the same old pubs and clubs. The Conscious Club is all about creating conscious community through the medium of what they refer to as ‘enlighter-tainment’.

Each Conscious Club evening intelligently weaves together enlightening entertainment of all genres including uplifting live music, films that provide insight into the human condition, knowledge presentations from some of the world’s thought leaders, the rare opportunity to to be in the presence of hundreds of meditating minds, the sharing of a delicious vegetarian feast and a social experience that is vibrant beyond measure.

“With environmental impacts inherent in every meal-time, TPGCo supports Meat Free Week as an opportunity to consciously reflect upon our edible decisions. We love growing gardens you can eat and will definitely be eating more from our edible garden planters during 23-29 March, 2015!”

The Productive Garden Co

The Productive Garden Co. is an Adelaide-based, nation-wide business that specialises in the design, installation and maintenance of edible gardens. They help people to grow gardens they can eat which connects people with the harvest-to-table cycle and the natural world we live in (plus, home-grown tomatoes taste better!). The business has grown and now not only supplies natural Apple Crate planters, slow release fertiliser/green manure mixes, and hand-forged tools, but is also the Australian distributors for the recycled and sustainable Woolly Pocket table and vertical garden planters! Visit productivegardenco.com.au

“My passions are about living a vibrant life as individuals, groups and the world around. When we start looking at health, sustainability, or social food equity there’s nothing more important than reducing meat consumption. Once upon a time we ate meat sparingly with gratitude. After all it was a sign of wealth.

As developing nations rise, imagine if the world moved to eat like us, our earth will be trashed. Did you know we have enough food today to feed ten billion peeps. Yet we use this to feed animals, so few can enjoy excess. Doctors now acknowledge the many ills in the West are diet related, especially large meat consumption. With one decision we have the power to create a vibrant body and a vibrant planet. Wouldn’t that be something?”

Bob Ratnarajah

Bob is the founder of the website VStarbliss, a content-curated news portal bringing positive news about health, sustainability and people doing good. The site evolved from a community Bob founded called V Star Sydney, which has around 750 members, with V Star Brisbane thriving too. In 2007 Bob held electoral forums for Make Poverty History that rolled out nationally in 2010, along with co-creating events such as Vegpledge.org, which highlighted the link between food and sustainability. Bob has also presented at international events including Healthy Lifestyle Expo in USA and South East Asian Vegetarian Congress, and is a director of Beta Catalyst Consulting, which focuses on helping companies value their people and the planet. With a background as an accountant, Bob grew to become a strategic business practitioner, now using these powers for good.

"I believe that if people ate a more balanced diet, we'd have a more balanced society".

Ken Israel

During a successful career as a graphic designer and art director in the advertising industry, Ken learnt the basic principles of business management and was involved in creating many marketing campaigns. He was also interested in the principles of macrobiotic and vegan foods, and found adherence to the principles assisted in improved physical wellbeing. In turn, Ken was instrumental in founding Iku Wholefood, providing premises in a building he owned and the finance to create the first Iku outlet in Glebe in 1985. By 1991, the Glebe store was extremely successful and Ken decided to take on an active, full-time role in the business. As he learnt the basics of the retail food and restaurant industry, Ken recognised that the outlet had created a strong demand. Bringing management and marketing skills to Iku, Ken streamlined the menu, standardised and recorded the ingredients and methods used in the cooking processes; and set up a central kitchen to sustain high-quality standards that could supply several outlets. Today, Iku maintains its passion for fresh, ethical, wholesome food and has 13 stores in Sydney.



"When it comes to our attitude towards meat, we all know that something, at some time, has gone wrong. We love the idea of Meat Free Week because like us, it talks to people about the health and environmental benefits of making simple reductions to how much meat we're eating. By encouraging us to get together with friends and family and celebrate good food that doesn't cost the earth, nor the welfare of animals, Meat Free Week is the perfect time to start new habits and think about what you can do every week to make a difference.

We believe all Australians can be doing their bit to build positive change and that by reducing our meat consumption, we can build both a healthier community and significantly reduce our impact on the environment."

Meat Free Mondays

Meat Free Mondays is a campaign encouraging Australians to have one meat-free day each week for the good of their health and planet. Organised by the Fry's Family Foundation, Meat Free Mondays Australia is part of a global movement to promote healthy, sustainable food choices and build a more balanced approach to the way we eat meat.