Which Meat Free Week are you after ?

In the coming years, we hope to bring Meat Free Week to more countries. By supporting either Australia or the UK, you’re helping us along that journey

Too much processed meat increases the risk of bowel cancer - Australia's 2nd biggest cancer killer. Are you at risk?
At a time when some 800 million people suffer from malnutrition, one third of the world's harvest is fed to farm animals. Enough to feed almost three billion people.
Why is Meat Free Week only one week? Because we didn't think you'd make it through a month!
Nearly all of the world's fishing zones have exceeded their natural limits because of overfishing. Yet, one third of all fish caught is fed directly to livestock. Does that make sense to you?
Floradix is a liquid iron herbal supplement that is suitable for the whole family; and especially good for pregnancy. It’s easy to drink and the natural fruit juice makes it taste great. Available in all good health stores, and select Coles stores.
Almost 92% of Australians are not eating enough vegetables. What's on your plate?
Leading world scientists warn of water shortages for food production by 2050. It takes 3,900 litres to produce 1kg of chicken and just 1,300 litres of water to produce 1kg of wheat.
Australian's eat over half a billion chickens a year. Most are factory farmed. Where does yours come from?
“By participating in Meat free week you can do your bit to bring about some positive change.” Simon Bryant
The U.N. has identified the livestock industry as one of the most significant contributors to today's most serious environmental problems.
90% of bacon, ham and pork we eat has come from factory farms. Will you choose free range?
More Australians are supporting sustainable and ethical farming practices. Are you one of them?
Did you know 70% of smallgoods (ham, salami, pepperoni etc) sold in Australia are made with imported pork, increasing your risk of antibiotic resistance.
Australian's eat almost three times meat as the world average and double recommended dietary guidelines. How much are you eating?

The challenge

Want to be healthier? Love animals? Care about the environment? The Meat Free Week Challenge is for you! It's easy... 

The Challenge AUS

+ How to participate

Sign up and create your profile. Make sure you complete all the steps, including setting up your profile page and picking the charity you'll be fundraising for. Having a profile page means others can easily find you and show their support.

+ Be informed. Read about the issues associated with excessive meat consumption. This will help you explain to friends and family why you’re taking part in Meat Free Week.

+ Spread the word. Start your fundraising early by talking to everyone you know. Use your personal fundraising page to invite friends via email or Facebook. Tweet your support and/or Instagram your favourite meat free meals. The social media buttons on your personal fundraising page will help make this easier. 

+ Plan your week. Stock up on supplies. Check out the delicious meat free recipes provided by our favourite chefs and foodies. 

+ You're on. It's the 23rd March and your meat free week has started. Keep hassling your friends - every dollar will make a difference!

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+ Follow us on Twitter @MeatFreeWeekOrg and if tweeting, remember to hashtag #meatfreeweek.

+ Follow us on Instagram @MeatFreeWeek and remember to use the hashtag #meatfreeweek.

+ Buy and wear a Meat Free Week T-Shirt.

+ After the event

Make an ongoing commitment to significantly reduce the amount of meat you eat - we suggest by 50% - and when you do eat it, choose to only eat ethically sourced and produced meat. See our guide for more information.

+ vegetarian or vegan?

If you're already living meat free, there are still plenty of ways you can get involved - recruit or sponsor a meat-eating friend, make a  donation or check out our other ideas here

Where your money goes...

When you make a donation to Meat Free Week, you can be confident of where your money goes.

We pay 5% to our fundraising partner, Artez Interactive, for providing us with innovative, world class technology to make giving to Meat Free Week a great experience for you. We also pay a small card processing fee on each donation. 

After paying these fees, 100 % of the remaining funds are shared between the charities. 70% of these funds go to the charity partner(s) you have chosen to support. The remaining 30% goes to Meat Free Week. As a registered charity, we're reinvesting these funds to grow Meat Free Week into a global movement. 

Here's more detailed information on where your money went in 2014.


For 2015, our Australian charity partners are:


+ Bowel Cancer Australia


+ Voiceless, the animal protection institute


+ World Land Trust


Find our more about our charity partners here.